Drytreat 110712 Stain-proof Plus, 16 fl. oz.

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Stain-proof plus, the ultimate impregnating sealer for natural stone countertops, next-generation of Drytreat is world leading stain-proof original sealer, optimized for dense natural stone, 3 different custom sealing molecules for three levels of penetration and maximum stain repellence, includes a super penetrator for deep penetration of dense granites and marbles, huge 70% active ingredient level (compared with 8 to 10% in common impregnators), permanent oil and water repellence. Please note: Impregnating/penetrating sealers do not provide acid protection. Retains natural surface color and finish. Suitable for residential and commercial areas and for indoor or outdoor use, 1 pint (423 ml) bottle ideal amount to cover an average countertop plus splash back.

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